22.Nov.2015, Sunday
Sponsorship For Book Launch on 5 Dec 2015

Sponsors to support meritorious effect of having free copies be given to Buddhist communities, benefiting as many fellow friends as possible.

12.Nov.2015, Thursday
The 48 Great Vows of Amituofo - Module 2

Commences on 12 Nov, 7.30pm-9.30pm. Registration is opened.

28.Nov.2015, Saturday
Diploma Buddhism Class Year End Break

No session in PMT permises from 28 Nov to 5 Jan 2016 due to Year End Break.



POH MING TSE TEMPLE (PMT) reflects the contemporary modern Singapore while retaining our Chinese Mahayana roots. The bamboo decalcomania depicted on the screen wall is inspired by the serenity of the traditional Chinese rice paper painting, signifying peace and tranquillity that PMT offers to urban dwellers.

The curved glass surface which is reminiscent of a scroll softens the massiveness of the plane and the stiffness of the glass material. The sweeping uplifting pitched roof at the eave is the trademark of traditional Chinese temple which the architecture retains yet simplifies.