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To get along with others, we must feel grateful for events that help us grow, feel thankful for chances to hone ourselves, reform ourselves through the Dharma, and inspire others through exemplary behavior.

Placement of Ancestral Tablet

The Hall of Gratitude is located at the basement of the main building. It houses ancestral tablets that remind devotees about the importance of filial piety.

There are four sizes of ancestral tablet:

  • Group A (8 names + 1 Ancestral of all Generation + 4 photos)

  • Group B (6 names + 1 Ancestral of all Generation + 3 photos)

  • Group C (4 names + 1 Ancestral of all Generation + 3 photos)

  • Group D (2 names + 1 Ancestral of all Generation + 2 photos)

Please note that: 

  • No burning of joss paper / candle sticks are allowed.

  • No alcohol offerings are allowed.

  • Only vegetarian food offerings are allowed.

  • Offerings can only be placed on the tables provided outside the Hall.

The temple do provide the following chargeable services; (led by our appointed Venerable only)

1. Hui Ling / Ji Ling service. The service include a 1st seventh prayer to the deceased.

2. 100th days prayer / Anniversary Memorial prayer

3. Meritorious prayer

4. Wake and Funeral chanting

For more information, please contact our office at 6466 0785 or

WhatsApp us at 8056 2456


The hall is open daily from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Private Prayer

Hui Ling Service

The service is chargeable which includes chanting services led by our appointed Venerable  

  • On the day of Hui Ling (回灵)

  • On 1st seventh day

  • On the 49th day (final seventh day).

The service also includes daily fresh offerings till 49 days.

For other Memorial Service

Please contact us for more details

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